Storage tips to keep your CBD products fresh as new!

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Storage tips to keep your CBD products fresh as new!

CBD products are natural products- organically derived from the cannabis plant or industrial hemp. We use it to calm our nerves and get away from all the pains, anxieties, and worries. But what if it goes bad even before the expiry date? To prevent product deterioration, it needs to be stored carefully to maintain its effectiveness. 

How would you know if your CBD product has gone bad?


If you observe that the color of the product has changed, it might turn dark if it was light before or vice-versa. This indicates that the product is spoilt.


You often feel a change in the smell of a product, if it has got rotten. Same with the CBD products, it may have had a pleasant fragrance before but would turn into a smell if gone bad.


You consumed the same amount, but the results were way too low. The product might have lost its potency due to incorrect storage methods. It won’t show up the results as it used to do.

Here are the factors that would affect the shelf life of your CBD product in general, How would you keep an eye on them and protect your CBD products from getting perished?


CBD products consist of various organic compounds, which when exposed to heat can react with it. The chemical composition may change due to the reaction and it may get spoilt. To protect CBD products from heat, store them in a cool place. Storing them in a cool place doesn’t mean- placing them in the refrigerators, it simply means storing them away from the heat sources ( Sunlight, oven, hair dryers, etc.). If you are at a place where the temperature dips, it’s quite obvious to keep the products at room temperature. In case, you have put the products in the fridge, nothing to be worried about- Just put them outside for a while and you are good to go.


Similar to the heat effects on CBD products, sunlight can harm the complex chemicals in the product. Also, the UV rays may break down the cannabinoids in the product. It’s not just about natural light, any kind of artificial light can also intervene in the chemical properties of CBD products and make them stale. Now the concern is, how do you store them? You need to store the products away from direct light, which means a dark place is suitable for you. If you observe, generally the product packaging is dark in color and could be brown or blue, or red. It may even be opaque to protect the contents of the pack. You are therefore recommended, to keep the products in their original packaging.


Another factor that might hasten the decomposition of cannabinoids, including CBD, is oxygen exposure. The air is present everywhere, after all. Oxidative stress can result from the chemical components of CBD being oxidized by atmospheric oxygen. This may disrupt the chemical equilibrium of CBD products, decreasing their potency. The most difficult aspect of all is probably avoiding air contact with CBD products. The presence of the air’s oxygen has a strong possibility of reducing the potency of CBD products, even if it doesn’t fully degrade the CBD molecules.

Using the products with proper applicators and air-tight containers can be very useful to avoid any such situation. Another thing to keep in mind is, tightly securing the lid or the screw cap after usage. Additionally, it’s a good idea to always inspect the container’s seal whenever you purchase a new item. Any CBD products with a damaged seal should never be accepted.

Product-specific storage: Guidelines for storing a particular range of products.

CBD Oils and Tinctures

The lifespan of CBD oil is one of the factors that influence consumer preference over other CBD products. Cannabidiol in tinctures typically lasts longer than it does in other forms.  The ideal container for CBD oil storage is a deep, opaque hue. Make careful to keep it refrigerated and in an airtight container, ideally in the original packing. Check the product’s label or get in touch with the maker or store for further details.

CBD Gummies

It is crucial to remember that the components used in CBD Gummies significantly affect how long they last. Since edibles usually don’t have a very long shelf life, it’s advisable to use them up right away. Once the box is opened, some edibles will begin to deteriorate more quickly than others, which may not experience the same effects. While some ingestible CBD products do best in the fridge, some may require room-temperature storage. Consult the user manual and pay close attention to the expiration date.

CBD Topicals

Skincare products containing CBD generally last 6 to 12 months, while certain petroleum-based products may last longer. Avoid excessive temperature changes while storing your skincare products since they might cause them to split and change their composition.

Concluding Thoughts

When CBD is improperly stored, it loses effectiveness, and expired goods may potentially have unfavorable consequences. It’s crucial to avoid ingesting any products that are over their expiration dates, have changed color, or have an odd smell.

If you correctly store your CBD products, you will receive the most benefit from them. If in doubt, it is preferable to discard any potentially expired items.

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