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About Us

Who We Are

A 100% organic way of life is something that Yogi Health Plus promotes. Our entire product line is made up of organic extracts that revive health and give customers the fuel they need for a productive day. Yogi Health Plus is aware of the strain, anxiety, and aches people today must endure. We do research, develop new ideas, and create organic health products that benefit everyone by enhancing sleep, curing neurological conditions, reducing different kinds of pain, and preserving brain cells. This contributes to socioeconomic development by increasing the productivity of a person.

As a plant extract, CBD (cannabidiol) has helped countless organic enthusiasts throughout the world, and Yogi Health Plus is now promoting many of its advantages in our licensed CBD products. We have a formal procedure in place that enables us to develop and sell to our customers, quality Hemp CBD products that are grown in the US after years of R&D.

Why Yogi Health Plus?

Certified Organic

All Yogi Health Plus products are certified organic. Enjoy the boons of mother nature delivered to you in a 100% organic, and cruelty-free way.

Lab Tested CBD

Our US-grown Hemp is tested by independent laboratories to ensure the right concentration of CBD in our products and to meet our efficacy benchmarks.


We ensure the highest level of sophistication in producing, packing and retailing our products. We are an ecologically responsible organisation.

Modern Day and CBD

We are in a time where the worldwide well-being list is on a downfall. Our food creation supply chains, farming guidelines, and medical services frameworks are in consistent danger. Indeed, even in the wake of being supported by cutting-edge natural sciences, the advanced human is confronting more well-being challenges than any other time in recent memory.

In such a situation, we accept that CBD could be a likely fix. As the examination goes on, we are reliably getting passionate verification that CBD is perhaps the most advantageous compound seen in nature. It’s liberated from incidental effects, further develops your life quality, and is an expected solution for various sicknesses.

Consequently, this normally happening non-psychoactive substance holds the way to tackling large numbers of advanced way of life issues. We are having an impact in engendering its advantages to our customers through our CBD items.

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