About Us


About Us

Who We Are

Yogi Health Plus is a dietary supplement venture that believes in a 100% organic lifestyle. All our products comprise organic extracts that revitalize health and provide our consumers with the nutrients for an energetic daily routine. Yogi Health Plus understands the dietary imbalance and malnourishment problems plaguing the modern-day population. We research, innovate and produce organic health products that help everyone eradicate signs of fatigue, deficiency, ailments from their life in the least intrusive way.

CBD (Cannabidiol) being a plant extract has been instrumental for millions of organic enthusiasts around the world and now, Yogi Health Plus is propagating many of its benefits in our certified CBD products. After years of R&D, we have a formal process in place that enables us to cultivate and retail US-grown premium Hemp CBD products to our customers.

Why Yogi Health Plus?

Certified Organic

All Yogi Health Plus products are certified organic. Enjoy the boons of mother nature delivered to you in a 100% organic, vegan and cruelty-free way.

Lab Tested CBD

Our US-grown Hemp is tested by independent laboratories to ensure the right concentration of CBD in our products and to meet our efficacy benchmarks.


We ensure the highest level of sophistication in producing, packing and retailing our products. We are an ecologically responsible organisation.

Modern Day and CBD

We are in an era where the global health index is on a decline. Our food production supply chains, agriculture standards and healthcare systems are under a constant threat. Even after being backed by advanced biological sciences, the modern-day human is facing more health challenges than ever.

In such a scenario, we believe that CBD could be a potential cure. As the research goes on, we are consistently getting ardent proof that CBD is one of the most beneficial compounds found in the wild. It’s free of side effects, improves your life quality and is a potential cure for a number of diseases.

Therefore, this naturally occurring non-psychoactive substance holds the key to solving many of the modern lifestyle issues. We are playing our part in propagating its benefits to our consumers through our CBD products.

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